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Ipd Practicum Report 2

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1.5 Products and service provided

        Section 3 (3) of the police act 1967 sets out for the sake of national sovereignty and the well-being of the community and the integrity of the troops. The basic duty of the Royal Malaysian Police is keeping law and order in the correct path and maintaining the law and order. Royal Malaysian Police are also responsible in Malaysia’s security on living things and properties. Then, police are also to prevent and track criminals that are missing and also the ex-criminal weather they are still doing jobs that is against the law. Other than that, police are also assigned to capture criminals, accuse offenders and collecting security intelligence. (PDRM, 2016).

        Section 20 of the Police Act list out the responsibilities and duties of police officers such as arresting all persons whom the police officer is authorized by law to arrest, processing security intelligence, conducting prosecution and provide assistance in carrying out any law relating revenue, exercise, hygiene, quarantine, immigration and registration. Moreover, Providing assistance in maintaining law and order in Malaysia's ports and airports, execute summons, “sapina”, warrants, imprisonment orders and other processes lawful issues by any competent authority in addition and enforcing marine and port regulations. Next, police also need to show information to the public, protect unclaimed or lost property with their owner searched, take animals that is roaming around the street into safer environment and put them in a public stable and also provide assistance in protecting lives and property. Lastly, protect the public property from loss or damage, attending criminal court and civil court, and escorting and keeping prisoners under the police care. Foremost, keep the public in police care. (PDRM, 2016).

        Section 21 is the task of regulating, controlling and maintaining traffic on public roads. PDRM has the rights to do roadblock for checking’s via having correct approved paper and with reasonable reason for the road block. (PDRM, 2016).



2.1 Strength and Weaknesses

        The strength of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is having units and asset which is suitable at any condition where it would help in rural area and city. PDRM has put efforts to make work as efficient as they can to protect the people, property and animals. The strength that they really make efficiency to come forward is separating the department into a few sub departments. Small group people work more efficient and faster. By separating the departments helps to avoid haywire of doing their individual jobs. For example, narcotic department take responsibilities of drug cases, urine test results and other filling work of those cases.

        Next, the efficiency of PDRM in recovering and keeping personal life unexposed where others can’t reach or detect the police officers. Police officers in any situation in either big or small case handled they can come back without hesitation. The identity of a police officer is not very easy to detect or find because those data are highly not exposed to people out. In this situation terrorist can’t identify everyone and get alert very fast.

        In addition, the effectiveness in resolving cases and the focus that is given to punish the prisoners is highly motivating. Most of the PDRM Investigating officers take the cases that is lodge to them or given to them very serious. They put a lot of effort to solve the case as soon as possible without any hesitation. Besides, the focus on those cases leads to the best end of the case; either proves the guilty or saves the innocents. For example, more case that is mainly given focus or attention is crime lodge cases.

        Lastly, PDRM police officers constantly co-operates closely with other officers where during emergency the helping tender of them become one force to stop the crime that is happening on the spot. Every officer co-operates to make the situation better either than making it worst.


        The weaknesses that PDRM have are having little skills than other forces. The skills that PDRM have is less to show because there is not much social life they live instead they spend more time at workplace. Moreover, the PDRM force is not given training like how training is given to the army force. Army force is able to show better skills because the training is much sterner, harsh and discipline. The importance of having good skills is to get norm to changing environment and to meet new challenges in everyday life.  It is also to cope with increasing pace and changes of modern life which to have the ability to deal with stress and frustration.

        Other than that, PDRM has less interaction with the community and will get adapted to corruption easily. PDRM shows less interaction with the public which some information is not interacted or showed in public. Some sensitive issues or case happened should be told to public so they can be alert of the wrong doings of bad people out there. Some of the wrongdoers that is caught and found guilty are not shown to the public. If they are all showed, public can be more alert from any incident to happen and can help to reduce crime in the country. Police officers get corrupted easily because of the monthly payment that is not tally with their life expenses.

        Next, police officers are taking long time to find evidence or alibi to solve cases that is lodged in the police station. Most of the time it irritates the public people or sometime the case doesn’t even move and will be stagnant. Public people tend to rely on police to solve and get back their belonging and justice for the loss they have faced.

        In addition, the allocation given to repair the MPV, PVR and URB services is not enough and a lot of vehicles are not functioning or repaired. In this case the police officers have to use own vehicles for patrolling purpose. This kind of issues will affect the public people because not enough vehicles to patrol the housing areas on time and scheduled shift.

        Lastly, the traffic CCTV that is fixed near places is sometimes not maintained properly. It will not function is short period because there not enough maintenance on it. Some CCTV cameras will not have clear view cause of the water evaporation on the camera outer glass which sometimes will effect in detecting criminals and evidence of any cases.

2.2 Opportunities and Threats

        The opportunities of PDRM can take is to consist new technology or equipment to have or improve the strength of PDRM. Nowadays technology is growing, work is getting easier and time consuming. When it is in such, using the technology in good and beneficial way can give a lot of benefits and make life much easier to live and a lot of things can be done in 24 hours time when there is technology.



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