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Japan’s Beauty Interests Me

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Essay Preview: Japan’s Beauty Interests Me

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Japan’s Beauty Interests Me

Teresa A. Hall

Georgia Military College BSM-440

Japan is a beautiful country from all the pictures I have seen and what all my military friends tell me. I have always wanted to go visit Japan, but I have never been able to afford it. There are so many reasons why Japan interest me; Japan’s beautiful geography, its culture, and social factors. My current career as a government equipment specialist might allow my dreams of visiting such a wonderful palace a reality one day.

When I think Japan I immediately think water, beaches, Islands. Geographically Japan is mostly made up of Islands and mountains with a tropical feel to the environment.  Japan is located in East Asia and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The capital on Japan is Tokyo, which is a really big busy city with a population of about nine million people. Honshu is an Island in Japan and it is the seventh biggest island in the whole entire world. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and a sleeping volcano, but that is not the only volcano in Japan. Japan has volcanoes all around it and these volcanos are referred to as the ‘Ring Of fire’. Knowing that Japan has so many active volcanos is a little scary when I think about visiting.

 The people of Japan are so nice and respectful. They have an emperor, which each person has a lot of respect for. The emperor is known for his loyalty and service provided to his people. Japan has a monarchy and it is the oldest in the world. The royal family normally passes the crown down to the males in the family, for example from father to son or grandson. The royal family live in a palace called the imperial palace, which is located in Tokyo. One of the reasons that Japan has such pleasant people to be around is, because they discipline their children and expect their children to be very educated. Most of the Japanese schools make the students wear uniforms and most of the time attends school on the weekends for extra lessons. I like how the Japanese teach their children discipline, respect, and responsibility. It helps them grow into successful young adults.

 Japanese food is so good and many of us Americans eat it daily. Their diet mostly consists of rice, fish, soy sauce and vegetables. Most animals roam free in the parks of Japan. Deer are a popular animal that you might see if you get a chance to visit. If you like hot springs be aware that you might be sharing with snow monkeys, they like to warm up by bathing in the hot springs. Not only do the Japanese love animals, but they have a real passion for plants. This is another reason why I love the Japanese culture. I love plants and my two favorite Japanese plants are; The Japanese Cherry Blossom and The Bonsai Trees.

Crime in Japan is very low and terrorist attacks are almost non-existence. I like the possibility of taking a walk in the evenings and not having to worry about being robbed. In the United States where I live, I do not walk outside during the day by myself much less at night and when I travel I always take my pistol with me. Japans economic economy does not seem to be doing so well. Their productivity has declined drastically over the years and it is about 39% less than the United States. China is Japans largest trading partner and source of imports.



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