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Java Is a Programming

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Merged Java Code

Java is a programming language that uses object-oriented codes along with reusing code components. The reusability of code is very essential with writing code and enhancing the ability to growing or further enhancing a product. This paper will describe how we were able to take this essential product and merge them to not necessarily enhance the product but showing how versatile our code could be.

The two codes that were picked consisted of and So Kim's Annual Compensation java input. Dante's code was picked due to the simplicity he incorporated, his effect documentation of the code he had written and the fact it was likely to be the simpler of the codes to incorporate. So's code was selected due to the similarities of Dante's additional code and the fact it was properly documented and simple to use.

We completed the process of identifying the classes or functions for replacement by taking the code that was already used and adjusting the proper variables and commands to align with So and Dante's codes to effectively process the java code that was written. This was completed by trial and error while also referencing the prior works we have done and the instruction we were given in class.

The changes needed to make the final Java application program work correctly consisted of taking out of the actual calculations from DanteIA4 and adjusting the variables within So's Annual Compensation Java document to allow the two Java documents to complement one another and allowing them to run effectively in Java without errors.

In the end, the team was able to combine two different java documents after adjusting some variables allowing the end user to get a similar experience. This process is essential with in allowing anyone to take multiple products and combine the variables and to get the same result.



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