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Jimmy Porter and Helena Charles' Relationship

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Essay Preview: Jimmy Porter and Helena Charles' Relationship

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Helena is assumed to be the temptress, seductress and the destroyer of home but if we analyse her compatibility with Jimmy, she is the one who understand him better than Alison,his wife. Alison is cold as a monument and always ''sits on the fence''. she is always neutral in her relationship with Jimmy and never bother to study the root cause of Jimmy's anger and frustrations.In their four years together as husband and wife both of them never shares warm and tender affection for each other. Instead Jimmy abuses and bullies Alison for not understanding his 'world'.After narrating the sad story about his childhood and how as a child, he watched his father die; Jimmy expected kind words and sympathy from his wife, but his longings were not met with.Jimmy requests Alison to go with him to visit Mrs Tanner[who is a mother figure to him] but Alison refuses to accompany him.On the other hand, in the three months that Helena and Jimmy spend together, we FIND Jimmy behaving almost normal with less gruntings and brawlings.Helena is able to adjust with Jimmy and we see them promising undying love for each other and looking forward to their new future; to start everything from the scratch. They do not need any bears and squirrels game to achieve happiness. They are happy with each other unlike Jimmy and Alison who always resort to the fantasy world to be happy.Therefore, we can conclude that Helena and Jimmy are compatible whereas Alison and Jimmy are not.



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