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Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper

Shawn Hines


October 6, 2014

Kristi Manseth

Job Analysis Paper

According to the text, (Spector, 2012)  a job analysis is a method for describing jobs and or the human attributes necessary to perform them.  Most organizations use this method to make sure that they have the right people in the precise place to benefit the establishment.

“I have a voice and I need to be heard” (author unknown), that is a comment that has been mentioned in numerous households.  Sometimes it is the parent standing their ground or the child trying to get someone to listen to them.  However, some people feel like their voice goes unnoticed at times. Some people need someone to speak for them, when they cannot or just will not do it for themselves.  In society it seems that the older adult population is a group that does not get any recognition unless tragedy has struck.  This generation is in desperate need for people who will advocate for them.

 An Ombudsman is a social worker that works as an advocate for individuals that live in a nursing home or senior community.  The individual goes to various homes to make sure senior citizens’ rights are not being violated.  Furthermore, they are in place to help decipher concerns and act as a neutral participant when necessary.  An ombudsman should have the inclination to know that they are not in it for the money.  Conferring to the Bureau of labor statistics, the rate of pay is $46,710 in the state of Kentucky with a Bachelors degree.  Each person is assigned a district, which has to be monitored frequently. Prior to becoming an ombudsman, one must possess the attribute of having compassion for those that are less fortunate, the desire to help others and be a good listener.

This paper will display the methods of job analysis used for an ombudsman that is employed by the state.  Additionally, it will describe how the analysis can be used in an organization such as a nursing home and or retirement community.  Evaluate the validity and reliability, while explaining the various benefits and vulnerabilities of performance appraisal methods.

Methods on how to use an ombudsman in a nursing home or senior community

Most people are not familiar with all that entails with being an Ombudsman.  Generally the person must possess the right attitude. One of the methods that could benefit a senior community home would be the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ). Through this method it will help define how significant the responsibilities of the ombudsman are and the needed social potentials used to do the job.  Although there are other methods that can be introduced and implemented, the PAQ will allow for those that are in the field of Social work to narrow down which person is the best fit for the specific area of helping others, it is also cost effective too (Spector, 2012).

Reliability and Validity

The reliability and validity concerning the job analysis of an ombudsman has made some progress, because there was a time when this position did not exist or was hardly talked about.  To ensure that the right person is placed correctly; reliability and validity practice can be used to gather data to measure the steadiness, sincerity, and consistency.  While human blunders can play a part in not retaining the correct information it is imperative to form connections amongst variables and the preparation of analyses based inferences (Spector, 2012).



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