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Kronos: The Perfect Antagonist

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Essay Preview: Kronos: The Perfect Antagonist

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Poisoning an entire town and sitting on a nearby hill to listen to the screams of agony is the job of a...successful villain. What makes a successful villain? First of all, what is a villain? A villain is what makes a story attention-grabbing. Why are they so important in stories? They are important in the story/novel/story because without an opposing character, it would simply be a hero without a job. Then the story would be boring and nobody would want to read on. Villains are more complex and rounded characters, usually with perhaps a deep, dark past or something causing them to be evil-minded. Now back to the first question. What makes a successful villain? Successful villains are evil-minded, creepy-looking, and have victims that they will go after to terminate. Kronos from "The Last Olympian" is an example of a successful villain. The author of the book is Rick Riordan. Kronos' traits that make him a successful villain are his appalling appearance, tendency to slay anything and anybody, unique ability, and his deadly scythe.

Kronos' creepy appearance forces many mortals and immortals that are smaller and weaker than him to obey him. With his appalling appearance and booming voice, they both match up perfectly. A deadly pair of eyes, a snarling mouth, a huge, stoic body, and a loud, scary voice will definitely make even a god obey him. This was in the book "The Last Olympian" when Kronos lead a huge army which was all monsters and creatures of all kinds following him. Why? Not because they were all loyal and respectful to him, but they were afraid that if they did not follow him, he would have to kill them. This trait makes Kronos a good villain because it would gain him more and more followers which then he could use as weapons when he would want to destroy his enemies.

Kronos' tendency to slay anything and anybody that stands in his way makes many mortals and immortals scared of him. When they are scared of him, he would have fewer enemies to defeat and then as his number of enemies decrease, he would become more in control and then in the end, he would probably be even more powerful than the gods and goddesses of Olympus. This happened in the book "The Last Olympian" when the gods thought that Kronos was too powerful, so they decided to get rid of him. This trait makes Kronos a successful villain because then he will eventually become a god and then he will be even more powerful.

Kronos' unique ability is a power that lets him control the mind or soul of only mortals. This ability can help him deceive his enemies. Deceiving his enemies can help him get what he wants. This occurred in "The Last Olympian" in the middle of the story when he possesses the soul of a young teenager that was a half blood. The half blood's did not know this. Therefore, "he" tricked and killed many of his "friends". This makes Kronos a successful



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