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How to Write a Perfect First Resume?

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Essay Preview: How to Write a Perfect First Resume?

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How to write a perfect first resume!

Would you like to have a job or earn some money? This could make you one step closer to that goal, but there's a problem, you don't know how to well here is a solution, read this piece and teach you how to write the perfect resume. Follow these simple steps and you will be there in no time! Good luck and best wishes, also I hope you write your perfect resume!

Firstly, you need to gather information about yourself. You must have information about your interest, activities, education, volunteer work achievements and personal details. When you are gathering this information, make sure you don't get too much information, you don't want to your resume a drag, you want it to be a nice length. This step is very important as this gets you started to create your resume and remember you always want to make a good start. Next you would want to make start on your final draft of your resume. Open a spreadsheet on a computer (I recommend Microsoft word) and start making your front cover of your resume, all you will need is your name and above it in big bold letters RESUME! Do not make it remember it is just a front cover it is just there to make it look professional and neat. This is optional but it will give your resume a more sophisticated "look".

After your front cover you now start writing about your personal details and education. Now with your personal details you will need your full name (including middle name if you have one), address, contact number (mobile and home phone), date of birth and email address (when choosing your email address make sure it is one you use quite often. Now your education you just have to put your name of school, what year and also if you do a language school put that down to the same way as your current high school. This step is pretty straight and easy just make sure you make personal details clearly on top the page and the next paragraph education. The next thing you need to do is your activities and interests. Firstly the activities, you write down all the thing you are in for example you might go to Knox leisure works for swimming and also might go to an acting school these are the things you should write down in your resume. Make sure you do not right stuff you used to do, that's just a waste of time! Now interests (or hobbies) just write thing you enjoy like cooking, dancing or interacting with people, anything you like doing that makes you sound like positive person. This is also a relatively easy step but make sure you do not write to many things.

Now you are halfway done! After writing about your interests and activities you write down your achievements. Now these achievements cannot sound "childish". For example you would not put down you won a coloring competition or got came first in a spelling competition in grade three, you would put down stuff down I got a distinction in a math's competition or I was in a successful production that showed over a thousand people, you need to put achievements that's is in there and your opinion an amazing award or something great to be



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