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It Was My Perfect Day - Personal Essay

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It was my perfect day ever of my life that happened in 2010 when I made up my friendship with my best friend,Dlynn.I had known her for 3 years,since we were studying in form 1 and we have been together in the same class throught out these years.In all these years,we always chated,joked, and also studied together,sometimes we even teached each other that the subjects we were good in as well as playing piano together during our free time.The memories of all good times we had shared started flooding back.To me she is a precious gift ever from God,I am willing to sacrify myself for her and do not mind helping her in anything.I did promise her,whenever she needed my help I will be always be there for her,as she is my only best friend.

Unfortunately,things begun to change ,there was a distance between us,when we were form 3,just like we have not seen each other for ages.As I found out that she started dating with a boy,usually she used to have good feelings towards me,but now she did not even want to bother me anymore and she said that I'm annoying.At the moment,I felt certainly depressed,miserable and tremendously dissapointed,In fact I thought that the whole world had left behind me alone,as I lost my best friend.

Barely a month, and abruptly she called me and I heard a voice of saying hello.I knew it was her,Dlynn.She sounded like sobbing and requested me to meet her at the beach at 7p.m. that night.When the moment she saw me,she came approached to hug me and continued crying.She told me she just broken up with her boyfriend as well as also apologized to me that she should not neglect our friendship as best friend,just because of love.

It was as if a magic wand had touched the broken relationship and made it new and shiny again.Renewing a friendship can be an intricate process especially when both parties have been negligent.That evening was the most meaningful one I had ever had and I went to bed feeling like the luckiest person on Earth as I regained my best friend and we had found each other again.

I told myself that I will appreciate this friendship between me and her forever as well as till the day i left this world.Until this moment,I still consider that day was the perfect one of my life.



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