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Lack of Parenting

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The government has been noticing the lack of parenting lately around the U.S. They have decided to take action and give parents a break and get rid of the role of parents.

With teenagers breaking the rules and getting into trouble, all parents' actions have failed. With parents giving up and letting their children do what they want, the government has issued the No Parenting act.

Since parents aren't doing much anyways, this act allows parents to be more like best friends with their kids instead of being parents.

After the act has been in place, many teens and parents have said things have been getting much better for them.

One Mom from California said, " I let my kid do what they want anyways, now that this new law is in, I don't feel like an awful mother anymore for letting my kid do what they want".

The teenagers in the U.S really seem to be enjoying this new rule as well. Teens like this new freedom they have.

Ronnie, from New York said, "I like that there are no rules for me now man, every parent now is the cool parent, not just my mom. Its cool cause now, my mom doesn't have a bad reputation for not setting many rules in my house and for me."

Parents are thrilled with new rule. Now they are not responsible for their kid's bad actions and it doesn't reflex on them and their skills at being at parent.

Will this act really help in the end? So far so good but do we really need parents? From the looks of it, no we don't.

Teachers have also liked the act so far. Now when kids break the rules in the school they don't have waste time calling the parents. Teachers can take action themselves and not have to listen to what they parents say about it.

Officer Mccnugget said" with not having to wait for parents to arrive at the scene when a teen gets arrested has made the process a lot easier because they have to deal with parents arguing with us and it makes things move a lot faster too."

People have said there households have been more peaceful since this act and their relationships with parents and children have been much better. This act seems to be a great idea!



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