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Landscaping Project

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Bill from Home Depot has designed a supply chain map in order to identify all goods and services needed for his customer’s landscaping project. As the project coordinator of this, Bill is phasing out this project to ensure that goods are available to the installers in order to get the appropriate work done. Bill may have to source some materials locally in order to meet the customer’s and installers’ timelines. Bill will make arrangements in order to minimize time and maximize savings; to have some goods delivered directly to the customer while having some delivered by the installers upon installation.

This complex consumer map requires Bill to have access to know when and where materials are at all times so that he is able to schedule installation appropriately, respecting lead times and installers notice time and other ongoing projects. Home Depot, unfortunately, does not have a RFID system in which allows easy accessibility to all stocked or incoming items to store to readily be available to Bill’s customers – as stated as one of the organization’s goals.

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As spring is around the corner, the Seasonal department at Home Depot is picking up on sales and projects. The Sales associates, also called Project Coordinators, are busy designing, planning, purchasing and coordinating installations of home owners new and upgrading landscaping.

Let’s take a look at a new project that Bill from Home Depot is working on for his customer. His customer has a 700,000 square foot back yard in Caledon and would like Bill to design a beautiful fenced in garden with grass, stones, trees, flowers, statues, benches, lighting and a cedar deck in one month. Bill quoted this customer based on purchasing materials and installation from the preferred suppliers with the expectation that the lead times will be sufficient to get this project done in one month.

Home Depot, being a retail store, will stock most of the items at the store level, however there are items that will be special ordered specific to this customer’s needs. Home Depot also contracts out installers to perform the labor such as delivering of materials to the location, performing the physical work and disposing of old and unused materials once completed.

Bill has drafted a supply chain map below identifying all items that will need to be purchased, including stocked items, special ordered items and the lead times of these items. This map will help Bill identify and address any concerns of what items should be available to be installed first.



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