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Large Colleges

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One of the most important decisions a person faces in his or her lifetime is where they will choose to attend college. Many crucial aspects can determine the outcome of this decision, but one major factor in particular is the question of whether to go to a large college or a small college. This dilemma poses an age old question: Would a person rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond? Between the varying class sizes, various academic aspects, and distinctively different social scenes, both small and large colleges have different things to offer.

An obvious difference between small colleges and large colleges is class size. In smaller colleges, the amount of students in each class is low. This usually makes it easier for students to know and form relationships with professors and teachers. On the other hand, in larger institutions, classes can contain hundreds of students. Though this can result in an impersonal learning atmosphere for certain students, some prefer being one of many in a group.

Furthermore, many students consider the academic opportunities available at a school to be a very important component. In larger colleges, these opportunities are abundant. For example, larger schools have a wide variety of majors, as well as well-equipped libraries. Big schools are also known for having state-of-the-art research facilities and distinguished staff. Though smaller colleges do not have as many majors as larger schools, many allow students to create their own major. Also, small colleges tend to have adequate libraries and resources, though they are usually not as prominent as such things at larger schools. Both large and small colleges offer substantial educational opportunities to students despite having differences.

Perhaps the most significant distinction between large colleges and small colleges is the social scene. In small colleges, there is a strong sense of community. Though the bond between students in smaller schools is usually considered to be more sacred than the relationships among students at large colleges, the amount of activities and clubs available tend to be limited. However, for larger colleges, there are a multitude of student organizations and activities for students to participate in. The resulting social scene at larger schools is varied and diverse, while at smaller schools, it is communal and personal.

The United States offers many colleges, from those with less than a thousand students, to massive schools with more than thirty-thousand students. Making the choice of whether to go to a small college or a large college is a momentous part of the college search for students. Whether it be in the differing class sizes, vast educational resources, or diverging social paths, both types of institutions can provide a rewarding college experience. For instance, large colleges can be either enticing or impersonal, while small



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