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Law Is Inescapable - Essay

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The Law is inescapable because it is forever expanding to accommodate our advancing lifestyles. It is part of everyone's life and controls everything in life and after life it applies to everything from embryo to exhumation. It protects the food and drink that we consume on a daily basis; it applies in space, health services, neighbour disputes and war. These points of view will be discussed below and explain why I believe that laws are conceived and distinguished in a variety of ways.

A key part of any legal system is its constitution. A constitution is where the state gets its rules from and passes them onto its citizens for example, you have the right to buy goods that are fit for purpose, therefore manufacturers have the responsibility to supply goods fit for purpose.

Parliament acts sometimes referred to as legislations are made by the UK parliament and all start off as bills. The three most important ones are Public bill, Private members bill, Private bill for example, which MPs enter a ballot to introduce a private members bill. "For example David Steel introduced a bill which became the Abortion Act 1967". Bills are debated through several stages in both houses then law by royal assent. Example, first reading, is an introduction with no debate. Second reading, is a debate on what is in the bill. Committee stage is a detailed look at the bill with possible amendment. Reports stage is for further amendment. Third reading is the final debate, then royal assent to become law.

Historically the common law goes back to 1066, the age of William the conqueror to make a central government and law that is part of everyday life. Civil servants went to the country to view how disputes were settled, and what was acceptable and not in society.

Upon their return to London to analyze and study the findings, it was concluded that the remedy used the most would became common law in the country.

Judges with new cases have to first secure the facts and compare past and historical case law.

Judicial precedent (this means that in any decision there is a ratio decidendi, the reason for

Deciding Ref, starting with law p31 common law) will take effect in future when presented with familiar cases.

The recent and unique ones to join our legal system is the European Union (EU) And European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). It is easy to mix them up but they stand far apart. On 1st January 1973 the UK became a member of the European Union, the reason was to trade economise and ease movement for workers. These workers and traders need protection by EUs employment and company law.

But the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) was conceived to



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