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Laws of Life Essay

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Laws of life essay If At first you don't succeed try try, again. I follow that motto because most people go through pain and tribulation and give up with ease. In my life I have been through plenty of things that could have derailed me but, I never let it. 6th grade year I failed the math CRCT and had to go to summer school, at that time I was on the verge of giving up and quitting school. My most trying moment may sound crazy, but when you put so much work in a test and fail, you lose all motivation for school, and that's why I'm telling you this story and why you should never give up. This essay will tell you how I rebounded and passed in summer school and how I got to that point.

Math has always been my weakness in school, but it never showed until 6th grade year. The whole school year I was barely passing with a 73 and was failing test or passing with 70's, so when I started reviewing for the CRCT I didn't know most of the stuff, plus a week before the test we were getting taught new stuff that we didn't get to. As I started the CRCT, it was so hard; I knew half of the stuff in the first section. In the second section it got harder, then I mentally froze and failed by five points, by failing I knew that had to work to pass in summer school, but my mind wasn't ready to go.

To pass math I was going to have to take full responsibility of failing the CRCT. My whole life I always overlooked math as a whole. T pass I knew I had to embrace it; I had to man up and face my fear. So I went into a state of thought that made me revaluate my thinking process. I had to put more thought in math. I was so focused on social studies and literature and I always put math on the backburner. So to succeed I needed to embrace it and face it.

My game plan to succeed was getting help. So at first I had to go to summer school on weekdays, and went to Georgia Perimeter on weekends. Thanks to my cousin he found this online so everyday math was on my mind and I needed that to pass, it was the best for me. I had to learn everything from the start of 8th grade to the end of 8th grade, and every day I thought about quitting, but it never beat me, and I hated going to summer school every morning at 8:00, but it was all worth it. Everyday my mom said Embrace it and you will pass it, and that's just what I did.

To conclude this essay I will say my law of life is a model to follow, we all struggle at something and we quit so quickly. If I would have given up, I wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be in 6th grade and I would still be struggling in math. So at first you don't succeed try, try again.



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