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Letter Notice of Rent Increase

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Essay Preview: Letter Notice of Rent Increase

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Name of the tenant



Zip code

Subject: Lease renewal

Ms. (Mr.):

The following constitutes a “Notice of renewal” of your lease which expires on ____________________20_____, and is automatically renewed according to law.

Faced with increasing operating costs, we must adjust your current rent from $________ per month to $________ per month for the period beginning ___________________________20 ________ till __________________________ 20______.

Within a month of receiving this notice, you have the obligation to advise us in writing if you plan on vacating the dwelling at the end of your lease or if you don’t accept the proposed rent adjustment. If you do not reply within the allocated timeline, we will assume that you have accepted the aforementioned adjustment.


We thank you in advance for your prompt attention in regards to this matter and look forward to your reply.



Signature of the landlord

[pic 1]


I, the undersigned, __________________________, declare having received within the timeline

                                                 (name of the tenant)

provided for by law the notice regarding the new conditions of my lease.

[pic 2][pic 3]

Date                                                        Signature of the tenant

[pic 4]


I, the undersigned, ______________________ accept the conditions of my lease renewal, in

(name of the tenant)

accordance with the aforementioned notice of renewal.

[pic 5][pic 6]

Date                                                                          Signature of the tenant[pic 7]



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