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Letter of Advice

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I. Introduction

A. When we communicate, we are telling others about our personal desires, thoughts and

feelings. While communicating, our words may sometimes not say exactly what is in our

hearts and minds and our body gestures can help us communicate. Communication is very

important in determining what kinds of relationships we have with others and are the root

to our personal relationships.

II. Communication skills are very important in our everyday lives. With a better understanding of

communication skills, we then communicate effectively, which allows us to become a better

listener and recognize the other person's perspective. With effective communication skills, we

will be able to see how our communication actions may affect others.

A. Communication has been described as "The process by which ideas or information

are shared among people" (Sole, 2010). "Effective communication is not only critical to

success in your personal life and your day-to-day contact with others, but it is crucial to

success in your professional life as well" (Sole, 2010).

B. If there is true love in the relationship, communication effectively should come naturally

and from the heart, yet we sometimes do not have a clue on how to communicate and

become involve in conflicts with our love one and are not aware of the hurt we cause one

another. However, effective communication is a skill that can be taught and is the glue that

holds a relationship together, if communication is no longer in the relationship, it will

probably decease.

C. One important part of good communication is to understand what the other person is

saying. In order have good communication, information needs to go both ways; one person

talks while the other one listen and vice versa. The bond in a relationship grows especially

when the information exchanged between the parties is valued and understood.

II. Nonverbal communication is a powerful way in which we also communicate in our

interpersonal relationships. Nonverbal communication is something many do without

thinking, it comes very natural.

A. According to research, "Nonverbal behaviors are



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