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Letter of Authorization

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15. Medical Benefit : Provided by the employer

16. Air Passage : i. Air ticket from India to Malaysia will be

provided by the employer. Return air ticket

to India shall also be provided by the


ii. The employer will provide an air ticket for the employee to go back to India upon

completion of employment contract.

17. Employment permit : Arranged by the employer as per Immigration

Laws of Malaysia

18. Government Fees : i. Security Bond @ RM 750.00 is

provided by the employer

ii. Levy @ RM 1800.00, PLKS fee

@ RM 60.00 and Processing fee @ RM50.00

shall not be deducted from the salary of the


19. Termination Of Contract : The Employer reserves the right to terminate

the employment contract if the employee is

found to have breached the terms and

conditions of the employment contract by

serving one month's notice or one month's

salary in lieu of notice to the Employee and

shall provide free air passage to India.

20. Deceased Worker : In case of an employee dies during the course of

employment, the employer shall be

responsible for all the repatriation exercise and expenses.

21. Settlement of Disputes : All disputes shall be in accordance with the

Employment Act 1955 and Industrial Act

1967. All other terms and conditions of the

employment shall be governed by the

Malaysia Labor Law currently being


This letter of authorization shall serve as letter of appointment to you as a lawful



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