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Letter to the Editor

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I will like to commend the government of Ghana for taking a bold and laudable step to support the media in Ghana. It is a well known fact that one of the reasons why the media is under performing is due to the lack of funds and equipments. And so, I was very happy when I saw the budget allocated to media development. This I believe will go a long way to speed up growth and progress in the media and the nation as a whole. It will also encourage media practitioners to take their job seriously and live up to expectations.

The theme for this year's budget is Infrastructure Development for Accelerated Growth and Job creation. I hope and pray that the committee that will oversee the disbursement of the money allocated for media development will parallel along the theme and use the money judiciously. And not waste it on unnecessary things that will foster chaos or anarchy.

There is a saying that says a house that is divided against it self will never stand. We must come together as one voice to advocate for further development to take place, Such as, the unionization of the Ghana Journalist Association and the right to information legislation to be passed. The media is a powerful tool of development and as such we must utilize it to fasten national development.


G I J Accra.



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