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Life Going Through High School

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Back in my junior year of high school I was assigned to write a play in my English Comp class based on an essay that I had published in the school magazine. The essay itself was fairly simple, mostly about the adjustments that most of us went through going into and through high school. Honestly I was surprised it was published to begin with, and even more surprised to hear about the play assignment. But the show must go on.

The main focus of the play was to keep the reader/watcher interested and entertained from start to finish. So I had to start from the very beginning, from the excitement of orientation and going to our first classes. The fun that we had meeting our new friends and meeting our new teachers. I used some of my experiences in it as well, the excitement of picking my classes and extra-curricular activities, figuring that a personal touch would be nice. From there each year a little at a time was detailed, showing our experiences as we grew.

Freshman year of course involved all the fun and excitement and nerves of being in the first year. Forging friendships that will last a lifetime, and of course some that will last until the end of the year. Sophomore year things were a lot smoother. People were a lot more comfortable and had their rapport with each other and the classes, cliques were formed and everyone was one step closer to their future. The classes were a little more difficult but more interesting every day.

Then we move on to junior year. Everyone is so excited and you can see it in their faces. They’ve passed the half way point! The classes are harder of course but everyone still has fun with it because they’re closer than ever. Everything is much more intense but the end is near.

And of course being that it was the end of my junior year when I was writing it, I wasn’t able to go any further than that. However it was a lot of fun to put together and I got an A on the finished product so it couldn’t have been too bad. There are times where I wish I was assigned this during my senior year instead so I could have finished it.



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