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Life in School

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Schooling is so very hard to others like us that in a high school now. Not only me is so very stressed but all of us because of many projects, assignments, performances, exams and others. Because o that reasons students tried to go to school and later on cannot finish there studies because of that schools must have a activities that can make the students happy and enjoy there high school life. So, they must not tried and they can finish there studies with good memories and not so stressed. So, they have more energy to accomplish or to start there college life. And later on they can have there job and they can help to our society with there skills learn in there school and activities. So our society and country can have a progress and to developed so that the other country recognize our country us a progressive country.

Always remember that life can be enjoined with a simple activities that we can do while we are in high school or a teenager. Because our life in high school will not be restored or prevented so enjoy what life do you have now and make it enjoyable even it is hard do not loss strength and hope to pass the obstacles in your life. And later on we become successful person and respected person that admired of almost all people that can see your accomplishment because of you courage and your determination to succeed it and you will not know that the people who admire you make you her/his inspiration to become a successful person like you.



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