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Management 330 - Week 1 Dq 2

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Essay Preview: Management 330 - Week 1 Dq 2

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Week 1 DQ 2

Why do some managers choose not to delegate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of delegation? What has been your experience with delegation? What did you learn from that experience?

I believe that some managers choose not to delegate because they feel that the job delegated will not be performed as well had they done it themselves. Also, they feel that it will take them more time to explain to the person who the work is getting delegated to and it's faster to do it themselves.

What I've learned from delegating duties is it lessens the work load for me. The more projects that I am able to delegate to staff allow me to work on other projects that only I can work on. It reduces stress for me if I know the person that I delegated the project to is in capable hands. The disadvantages of delegating work is the I have to review the work once its done. If I didn't give the project to the most capable person the task may not be completed on time or correctly. Ill have a heavier work load due to not delegating appropriately.

My experience with delegation wasn't always a good one. What I had to learn was I have to trust the person that I'm going to give the task to. I don't enjoy being micro manage so I don't want to micro manage someone else if I've given them a task to complete. I also have to know that they have the skills that are needed to complete the task and they have to have time management skills.

What I learned from delegating is you have to give specific instructions on how you would like the project completed along with giving the person a deadline. I also give it to a person that I know is capable of completing the task that needs to be done. With these two things being done the project will be completed correctly and on time.



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