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Managing Ethically

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I do not believe there are any ethical implications of requiring employees to dedicate long hours and extensive travel to their careers unless it is something that is made mandatory after the employee was hired. Potential employees should research the company they are applying to and know all the requirements of the position before applying. Most companies are considered at-will employment which means that the employer or the employee can end the employment at any time for any reason. Potential employees are normally asked about overtime and travel in interviews. If a potential employee is unable to meet the job requirements, he or she should say so before they are hired.

While being interviewed by the last company I worked for I was given the job requirements including expectations, hours, travel, vacation, and sick time. I knew when I started that I was required to work every other weekend. I was made well aware that the job could require me to stay over or even an extra shift if the employee scheduled to relieve me called off work. I only had to travel locally to transport consumers to places they needed to go.

If a company introduces and makes long hours and travel mandatory after the employee is hired, there are ethical implications that need to be handled. Some employees may attend church services every Sunday. It is not ethical to force an employee to choose between work and church. Families can also be affected by a company introducing long hours and travel because stress at work is felt at home.

There are some obligations that a manager or employer has to enable employees to create a balanced professional and private life. It is the manager's responsibility to make sure that the workplace is a safe environment for their employees to complete their job properly. If the workplace is not a safe environment, chaos is common along with confusion resulting in miscommunication among everyone. A manager is responsible for the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling employees to reach company goals.



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