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Marketing and Customer Service

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Essay Preview: Marketing and Customer Service

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Every business has its own ideal marketing model, depending on the specific needs of the business. In this paper we will discuss some of the different marketing models that are used and the pros and cons of each model. We will also discuss how important customer service is to these internet based stores. Customer service can make or break a business, if a customer has a bad experience with the customer service department it could be the difference in whether that customer will return to use the site again or if they will go somewhere else to fulfill their needs. uses a product based marketing model. Emphasis is placed on the products that are available to the customers more than anything else. Because Amazon sells several types of products there are different types of marketing used throughout the entire site. They also use promotional marketing by offering many specials and incentives. There are currently specials on Holiday themed music and free shipping on several products. Where music is concerned, this would apply to cds but not digital music.

Customer service is complex and hard to navigate. When you click the "help" link you are taken to a list of "frequently asked questions" that you can search through to find any answers that may be of use. There is also a "self service" link that gives you the most common problems, such as delivery tracking, payment issues, and returning items. If you are unable to find an answer with either of these options there is a "contact us" link that allows you to either write an email to the amazon team or send them your phone number so they can call you back. takes a very direct price based marketing approach from the main site. Upon opening the website the customer is met with a large banner that advertises their "All The Music You Want for Just $10 a Month" plan. Once you move past the price marketing strategy there is a selection of featured music towards the bottom of the page that showcases some product based marketing. Rhapsody has a very minimalistic marketing strategy, allowing the product to speak for itself. Because Rhapsody is one of the few sites that offers the "All You Want" music option, they can get away with using such little marketing, they already have what they need to stand out among their competitors, no need for extra frills.

The customer service is overwhelming. When the customer opens the help link they are taken to a page with several help topic tabs to choose from. There is however a link at the top of the page to "Contact Live Support". If you choose this link you are taken to a page that ask you specifically what you need help with and gives you the phone number, email, and a live chat link to that specific department.

The iTunes store is very product based. Because Apple sells



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