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Customer Service

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Customer service plays a key role in many companies and organizations. Providing the best customer service possible is important for any business to be successful and stay successful. As technology advances year after year, the internet and online activities have become increasingly important for companies to communicate with their market of people. If a company or organization has a website that promotes its business it's important for that website to contain contact information. Typically, links or FAQ pages that enable the customer to contact a service or answer questions that can help them with any issue or question are the most effective. It is important that a company's website contains the necessary elements to make a consumer feel cared for and informed.

Many organizations and businesses are dependent upon their websites to provide a more comfortable and efficient way for their customers to shop, create active profiles and stay informed. The elements necessary for this vary depending on the company. It's important to keep in mind that online customer service is largely impersonal and all instructions must be easily understood and accessible. A user must be able to navigate their way through the site and have a help page to refer to if necessary. Like many bank and shopping websites, it's very important to let customers know that their information is secure and all precautions are taken to ensure this safety. Shopping websites like E bay and Victoria's Secret offer to send confirmation emails to your personal email for verification. They also require registration, including a username and password for someone who plans to use the site regularly. Many other websites, like government or financial institutions state reassuringly that their site is secure and a picture of a lock can be found next to the URL to confirm that the page is secure. It's also good to provide a human-based outlet just in case the website has not answered a question or is having problems. Offering an 800 number or direct email are good options for a website.

When dealing with customers online it's vital to remember that while this form of service can be quicker and more comfortable for many people, there are also downsides to running a business online that affects the positive elements of customer service. Online shopping is easier for many people, but with the increased number of credit card frauds and identity theft many people have shied away from the online shopping world. As stated before, security is a good way to combat the doubts people have, but at the same time many people find it easier to buy items locally than online because it's more comfortable and safe. This creates a problem for websites who are trying to develop a virtual side to their business. Websites like E bay and Craigslist allow people to sell used items for cheap, this draws in a good number of people for purchases. Also, popular store



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