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Mba 600 - Human Capital Management in Organization

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Essay Preview: Mba 600 - Human Capital Management in Organization

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MBA 600 Human Capital Management in Organization



1. What are the key differences regarding the first day of work for these two employees?

The most important key differences regarding the first day of work for Jill and Ben is the Induction and orientation.

This basically happened with Jill in very professional manner with manager meeting her and making her more comfortable with the work environment (office, colleagues ...). She was then provided with her proper schedule for next course of actions followed by series of online orientation courses and making her known about company's culture mission and consulting methodologies.

But In case of Ben his manager didn't came to meet him even on his very first day, he was not introduced to his colleagues and not even shown new office , the office was lacking supplies and computer . He was given large paperwork on his first day. His manager also gave him four large binders for project works. Ben's manager also gave a list of 20 online orientation courses and asks to complete them within deadline.

2. Are these differences really important elements for recruitment and retention of employees? Explain.

Definitely, these differences are important factors recruitment and retention of the employees, because all employees should have inducted and oriented at the beginning which will make theme comfortable with the work environment, colleagues and the culture and mission of the company.

All Employees should be actively interacting within this environment and they should feel the company culture is healthy and pleasant to work, and then they will retain long time with the company.

3. What are the employee perceptions involved in these two scenarios? Are they important?

The human factors like feelings of anxiousness, isolation and discomfort ‎on the first day.

Of course they are important, usually the company doesn't introduce these hard earned employees to the company comparing to the cost and time spent hiring those employees. Employers get one chance to make a first impression, so it is crucial that they seize the opportunity to make new employees feel comfortable and confident through a proactive orientation process.

The sooner new employees become oriented to a company's culture, values and policies, and understand what is expected of them, the sooner they can begin to positively contribute to the organization's operations and its bottom line.

Research suggests that an effective



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