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Human Capital - Communication Management

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"Human capital is the forces that drive every organisation, and finding and hiring the appropriate talent is now more important than ever ( Volpe & Tucker 2004) ." As You Wish is continuing their wedding planning project and now is the time to keep communication flowing. The following essay will provide the role of the communication manager has to establish with the team and with the client. The team selection and any project revision will be made. The project team's proformance will be monitored to ensure the success of the project for everyone.

Communication Management.

Communication management is the systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of all the channels of communication within an organization and between organizations (Communications management, 2011). Communication is our number one priority between employees and clients. In this wedding planning process, the responsilities our shared between all employees with designated tasks in order to be sucessful. We are in constant communication with each other to make sure that each task is going as planned. The purpose of it is to ensure that both the managers and workers have access to the same information. In this way, theoretically, they will be able to agree on the tasks to improve the organization, and everyone will work together in a better-coordinated way. At As You Wish setting and clearly communicating performance standards and expectations, observing and providing feedback, and conducting appraisals enables us to achieve the best results through managing employee performance and client satisfation. The primary purpose of performance evaluation is to provide an opportunity for open communication about performance expectations and feedback. At As You Wish we have quarterly evaltations meetings with both clients and employees. Most employees and clients want feedback to understand the expectations of the business and to improve their own performance for personal satisfaction. They prefer feedback that is timely and given in a manner that is non-threatening.

The role of communication managers is:

o Design of organizational communications structures

o Define communication principles and standards

o Formulated the communications goals of the institution

o Managing and monitoring information flows

o Organizing crisis communication

o Implement communications strategies

o Research communication context

o Resonance analysis of team networks

o Organizing communications training for staff

o Corporative presantations to the



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