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Men's and Women's Choir November 22, 2009

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Essay Preview: Men's and Women's Choir November 22, 2009

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Concert Review II: Men's and Women's Choir November 22, 2009

The concert took place at Roberts Recital Hall on November 22, 2009 at 3:00 p.m. The convert lasted for roughly an hour and a half. There were a total of thirteen pieces performed. The men performed Dona Nobis Pacem, by Plainsong J. Jepp, Three mountain Ballads, which were He's Gone Away, Will He Remember?, and Barbara Allen, by R. Nelson, This Train is Bound for Glory, by Hayes, All Through the Night, by Luboff, and Hallelujah! Amen!, by GF Handel. The women performed Cantate Domino, by Cobb, and Wade in the Water, by Gilbert. Three other pieces that were performed were Alama Redemptoris Mater, by Plainsong/Rutter, Laudate Pueri, by Mendelssohn, and Non Nobis, Domine, by R. Quilter. The men's conductor was Billy Orton and the women's conductor was Handy Avery.

The concert was very enjoyable and flowed together very nicely. The only mishap that occurred was right before the men performed All Through the Night, one of the performers dropped all his papers on the stage. The pieces were performed beautifully. All of the singers stayed together and did not seem to be unprepared or too nervous. All the performers seemed as if they had practiced successfully. The pieces were wonderful. The Altos were the ones that obviously stuck out compared to everyone else. I enjoyed the women's piece Wade in the Water, by Gilbert. All of the singers were needed to perform this piece and they did a wonderful job singing it. My least favorite performance was probably Dona Nobis Pacem. The altos seemed to start a moment too soon, throwing everyone else off for the first half of the song. Overall, I enjoyed this concert. I have never been to a choir concert before, but I would love to go again.



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