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Summary of Why Do Men and Women Get Married

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Essay Preview: Summary of Why Do Men and Women Get Married

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A1 - Write a summary of ”Why do men and women get married” – Jenna Goudreau

The internet article, “Why do men and women get married”, from 2010, is written by Jenna Goudreau, and published on the Forbes magazine, is about a couple who states their aspect to marriage. We meet Jhaymee Wilson, 28, and her boyfriend Jonathan Heinlein, who has known each other for two years. On a weekend trip to New York, Jonathan proposes to Jhaymee and she accepted his proposal. Author Jenna Goudreau claims that people nowadays are getting married for very different reasons. Men and women have their own expectations when they are looking for the one to marry. As of Jhaymee Wilson, she thinks true love, compatibility and a man who is supporting her mentally is what she needs, also Jonathan Heinlein agrees, who says that he is happy with her, and could not imagine a life without Jheymee by his side.

Researcher and sociology professors Christine B. Whelan and Christie F. confirm that men and women have a list of attractive traits when it comes to finding the right partner.
                                                                                                                                                              (170 ord)

A2 - Outline of the different reasons why people choose not to marry

The two texts express different attitudes towards marriage. Text 2, “Not Married? The Odds That You Never Will Are Higher Than Ever”, shows two sides of marriage and based on a research why some men and women are holding back when it comes to marriage. Some women prefer a life without marriage, often because their expectations are not fulfilled. As one of the author in the research report Wendy Wang claims, “There’s a mismatch between what people want and what is there in the marriage market”, and for women especially, because they want their future husband to have a steady job. Men on the other hand are seeking for a partner, who shares the same ideas of raising children. The most common reasons they have against getting married are financial issues or they simply have not found the ideal person.

Finally, text 3, “I don’t want to get married, and here’s why” clearly shows a negative attitude about getting committed in a marriage. Becky Dickinson, who also wrote this article, points out her personal view of marriage. Even though she has been with her partner for ten years, they are not legally married. People tend to raise an eyebrow when she tells them that she is not a Mrs, but Miss. Author Chimamanda Ngozi claims, that we put beautifully imaginations of weddings and fairy tale into our child’s mind, “We teach girls to aspire to marriage”, and Becky agrees with Ngozi, because life is not build on fairy tale stories – also when it comes to marriage and relationships. In fact, no one can tell through weddings, if couples will end up happily or divorced in worst-case scenario. Becky Dickinson claims that marriage is not based on a list with expectations, but about making it work as a couple, from material requirements to mental support. The main point is that people should let go of the fairy tale dream and understand the challenges of a commitment – the results of a big wedding will not bring you happiness.
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