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Why Men and Women Get Married” by Jenna Goudreau

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Essay Preview: Why Men and Women Get Married” by Jenna Goudreau

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This is My Living Room 

1. It is a small town, with a lot of hillbilly´s, he wants to know everything about everybody, we only see the town from the narrator’s perspective. ’one evening late I got in my car and followed Sheriff Claine down the highway towards Brushwood, then off down the country road towards Glory Church, and then I stopped.’

2. He sees himself as a leader, he wants to control both his family and the town. One of his values is his South American genes, example: he likes guns, he is racist ‘Old Ezmo was what you’d call a low class of nigger’, he means that ‘You got to watch out for yourself, he is very dominant ‘I could use her to dust and sweep up. You can always use somebody to keep things clean.’ We see him as a very broken man with no feelings towards anybody which can be explained by his act in the World War I, he sees everybody as an object not as humans.

3. The author wants the reader to know how a real Southern American is, and how much damage a war can do to a person.  

Characterization of I: 
He see himself as a very smart, powerful and honest man.
We see him as a psychopath, mainly because he is a veteran who is used to having power and abusing it. He also has seen many awful things. He probably suffers from a mental illness and can't seem to think straight. He sees himself as a honest man because he served his country in the world war 1 and sees everyone else as crocked or dishonest. his view on black people is disturbing, because they are not a problem to him. they are easily disposable. 



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