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Mgt 330 - Functions of Management

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Functions of Management

Maxine Holley


October 24, 2011

Adrian Allen

Functions of Management

In order to survive in today's business environment; organizations need to grow and change the way things are being done within the office. For this reason a successful manger must lead his/her company. This can be accomplished by the procedures or guidelines with the company. In order to become a success the four functions of management needs to be understood. Therefore, this paper will define the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) and explain how each function relates to Kmart.

Four Functions of Management

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in which they adapt to the environment within organizations. The first function is planning. Planning is the making of decisions by CEO's and Executives within the company. For the goal that is set to be accomplished delivering strategic value helps with the planning. Planning leads to the decision in which, the goal is being pursued, not accomplished. Kmart uses the planning function because employees and management have specific goals that are set and in order to achieve them management sets up plans in order to get the goals completed, For example, Kmart's goal is to have at least seventy "Shop Your way Rewards" (a free program that awards shopping) cards used a day. As employees, our goal is set to have each and every customer signed up for the rewards program and inform them that benefit of that program: it is cardless, a free program, and earn points toward everything in the store



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