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Microsoft Hyper-V 2016: Perfect Solution for Any Organization

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Essay Preview: Microsoft Hyper-V 2016: Perfect Solution for Any Organization

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Mario Hayden

Prof. S. Otmishi

ITNW 1313-40108

Dec 15,2017

Microsoft Hyper-V 2016: Perfect Solution for Any Organization

The company I work for is called Berjaya Group which is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They have offices in 15 countries and is still expanding as we speak. They had a net revenue of $10 billion in the year 2016. They have around 16,000 employees, and they are a company that focuses on properties, gambling, and F&B (they are a master franchisor of Starbucks, McDonald’s in Asia) and invested in Facebook in the early stages. The company sends a lot of data from its properties, casinos, and restaurants a lot of financial data. As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) I would highly recommend my organization to use the Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 as the hypervisor of choice.

The main reason Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 (MHV) is because of its security; the main feature that sets it apart from other hypervisors is that it works with a guardian service and BitLocker to ensure all virtual machines runs only on recognized hosts. It is also of capable adding more memory, network adapters to virtualization hosts, and hot-add memory (only on Gen 2 VMs). Since its an upgrade from Hyper-V 2012, it comes with a few extra features such as discrete device assignment (DDA), which allows the VM to access PCI device directly and bypassing the virtualization stack. Other features are; nested virtualization, production VM checkpoints, virtual TPM and shielded VMs.

        MHV has a built-in redundancy option can mitigate risk, and because of its windows adoption it is easier to use among those who are familiar with the Windows operating system which is what most user or companies rely on. Thus, training employees on using it will be more comfortable. MHV was explicitly built for the expansion of an organization, it allows an organization to upgrade or add unlimited virtualization and do not charge extra. MHV is cost efficient compared to other hypervisor companies: it has a simple live migration, easy backups, no maintenance downtime and comprehensive security. Please refer the below chart for MHV

Logical Processors


Physical Memory

24 TB

Virtual CPUs per Host



Virtual Machines per host


Nested Virtualization

Yes, but only for certain OSes

Virtual CPUs

Per VM

240 for Generation 2

64 for Generation 1

Memory per VM

12GB (Gen 2)

1TB (Gen 1)







2040GB (VHD)

Number of


256 (SCSI)





Max VMs


maximum specifications:

Source: VInfrastructure Blog

All the above said functionality is why I decided to use Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 for my organization. It will benefit all levels of employees and departments such as the finance, the human resources and the most importantly the operation side where the bulk of the employees and the revenues comes from. The Microsoft Corp. has a track record because of its vendor specific support and has produced the number one operating software since for at least 30 years and has never failed so far.



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