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Modern Technology Essay

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Modern technology now allows rapid and uncontrolled access to and exchange of information. Far from being beneficial, this is a danger to our society. What do you think?

Innovation and new technologies give opportunity to get any necessary information and transfer it any time to any place. I somewhat disagree that fast development of technology have detrimental impact on people.

The main reason why I think that modern technologies are essential is because it is one of the main education tools. People may sit at home and take study online courses of the top universities of the world. Usually such courses are cheaper, so it is good opportunity for students who have financial limitations. Moreover, we can find any information, books, academic publications using search websites as Google and Yahoo. Therefore, thus services very helpful in studying.

Another reason why technology is needed is because it allows easy communication at the distance. Those who study or work in foreign countries can talk with their relatives using special programs like as Skype, Viber or Facetime. Furthermore, social networks are very good method to find new friends and keep relationships. Also, similar technologies are used for job interviews between employer and potential employee when they are located far. So it is one of the good examples of how people exchange information effectively by innovative tools.

However, internet and free access to information have negative sides. Firstly, sometimes information is not reliable, particularly news. For instance, political news could be used as manipulation method. Sometimes several sources can give different data about one event or situation. In politics it called “informative war”, when powerful organizations try to change people’s opinion and increase their support.  Secondly, technologies may influence on children’s psychology, if they have unregulated connection to internet and gadgets. They might read and watch prohibited texts, video and images, which affect their mental health. Third, simple access to personal data in the social networks may break rights of private life. For instance, we can find information about any person if we type his or her name in Google websites.

In my opinion, technologies give opportunity to study, communicate at the distance and find necessary information. In many cases, it saves our time and money. Although, it have some negative aspects, but I think it depends form person and ability to manage and select information.



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