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Music Experience

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The five examples of musical pieces chosen are Baroque, Classical, Romantic, fusion, and piano jazz. A description was written for each piece of music after listening and analyzing each one carefully.

Fanfare Pour le Carrousel Royal (Fanfare for the Royal Musical) was composed by Jean Baptiste Lully in the Baroque style (YouTube, 2010). Percussion, brasses, and woodwinds could be heard throughout the composition. The rhythm of this piece is in triple meter and has a fast tempo. The melody is conjunct and begins with percussion and brasses followed by woodwinds which play together in harmony. The pitch of the trumpets sets the tone for the entire piece. The texture uses polyphony because the percussion and brasses are performed at the same time. This piece is performed in ritornello form. The announcement like sound of this piece was really enjoyable and painted a mental picture of a king and queen or bride walking past onlookers. The impression made from this piece was joyful and it seems like it was written for entertaining.

Fantasia in D Minor was composed by Mozart in the Classical style (YouTube, 2010). The piece of music analyzed for the music experience description was performed by Wilhelm Kempff. The only instrument played in this composition is a piano. The rhythm of this concerto is comprised of simple meters and has an andante or moderate tempo. The theme repeats itself through this piece, however towards the end the theme changes to a quicker more cheerful melody. The texture of this piece is monophonic and is performed in rondo form. The change from a sad to happy tone is what was liked. Solo piano compositions have always been a favorite. The dislike for this piece is the very low to very high pitch throughout the composition. The overall impression of this piece was a positive one despite the sad tone.

Unfinished Symphony in B minor was composed by Franz Schubert in the Romantic style (YouTube, 2009). The piece of music analyzed was played by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Bruno Walter. Strings, woodwinds, brasses, and percussion were heard throughout this composition. The rhythm of this symphony has a moderate to fast tempo. The theme starts off with a low pitch from a bass or cello, and then joined by woodwinds, violins, brasses, and percussion. During this consonant harmony there are chords. The tonality of this piece has low and high pitches. The texture is polyphonic. The symphony is played in sonata form. The visual picture this piece of music creates is what was liked. The Unfinished Symphony has always had a positive impression.

Yesternow was composed by Miles Davis in the fusion style (YouTube, 2009). Performers were Miles Davis on trumpet, John McLaughlin on electric guitar, Steve Grossman on soprano sax, Herbie Hancock on the organ, Michael Henderson on electric bass, Billy Cobham on drums, Chick Corea on the electric piano, Dave Holland on electric bass, and Jack DeJohnette



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