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My Musical Experience

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Collin S

My Musical Experience

Last Saturday night I went to see the Willy Wonka musical. Since this was a musical, most of the cast sang. Each time someone was singing, they were accompanied by the orchestra. Some of the instruments I heard were a flute, drums and definitely a piano. Since there were a lot of weird sounds during the musical I'm sure it was an electric piano and was used not only for the music but also to make some of the other bizarre sounds in the show. The main sounds you heard though came from the singing of the actors and actresses.

The music from the orchestra and actors and actresses both had an effect on me. Being that the musical itself is about a young boy, there was a range of ages from very young to elderly singing. It was interesting to hear the different pitches each actor and actress could hit at their different ages. At a younger age you could hear that both boys and girls could hit much higher notes than some of those, men in particular, actors and actresses that were older. Also, having seen the movie many times, I heard more of the instrumental music more during the show. Maybe this time I was just paying more attention but I enjoyed making out the different instruments I could hear.

Since Willy Wonka took place in early 70's you can hear a little difference in how they talk and the words the use in song. You can also hear this in the style of music. The instruments consist more of violins, xylophones, flutes and trumpets. You don't hear any modern style music like rock using electronic guitars and bass.

I have always appreciated music. Hearing the music and different styles from the Willy Wonka musical has only made my appreciation for music grow. My current taste in music is very broad. I listen to all types of music from rock to rap to classical. I also enjoy going to see musicals and concerts. The live singing and instruments make the music more entertaining to me. I really enjoyed the Willy Wonka musical and I think one can learn a lot from listening to its different songs.



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