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Music Video Project

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Danielle Cooley

Pre-Productrion Report

Music Video Project

November 8, 2011

I am producing, I believe, my third music video. I'm excited to do this project. I haven't done a music video in awhile. When I did them last time it was all done with a regular camera that just had video on it. I am going to use the song, "So Far Away," by Avenged Sevenfold to do my music video. My plan is to have friends Cheyenne and Jake as a couple going back and forth with breaking up and making up.

I plan to film some at the park but depending on the weather , I'm not sure if that would work too well. I would also like to get a shot of a book burning, because in the song it talks about the pages of a book being burned. I think that would be a good idea to try and throw inthere. I also plan to do some filming of both Cheyenne and Jake in their own rooms after one of their break ups. I don't think there should be too many complications unles my actors have to work or have something else planned for that day.

The only issue that I honestly have is the camera issue. I have to get ahold of my dad to see if I could use his camera. Then I would have to bring the camera to school to see if it would even work with the editing system. If it doesn't work then I will have to check out one of the school cameras to use.



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