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My Dog

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One of the happiest days of my life was the day when we brought a puppy home. Her name is Gucci and she is a pure bred Maltese. My family bought Gucci from a dog-loving family. She was born on March 1st, 2012 and she was one of the last puppies from her litter. Gucci is only about five pounds now and has beautiful long, white fur. Her ears are a light cream color. She is very fragile because she is so small, but she blends in with our house, because my mom loves white furniture. We sometimes accidently sit on her on the couch sometimes. She walks so gracefully, and barks quite fearlessly. Whenever she has a chance, she loves to spend time outside, rolling in the grass and chasing the butterflies. Gucci is really friendly and loves meeting new people and dogs. When we first bought her, she was so tiny, about the size of my palm. She was about two months old. My family quickly fell in love with her. She has huge puppy eyes that it's impossible no say no to. She looks like a little stuffed animal because of her size and fluffiness. Ever since she was a baby, she would sleep with me in my bedroom, and on my bed. At times, she would push me away to have the bed all to herself.

Not only is she cute, she is also a fast learner. She is very intelligent and smart. Every time I teach her a trick, she will learn it quickly, but only if there is food involved. She loves to eat anything, anytime, anywhere. She would show you her adorable eyes, roll over, wag her tail, bark at you, and anything else she could possibly imagine to get what you are eating.

I love Gucci more than anything. She always listens to me venting about my problems and she is always there for me. She isn't just my dog; she is part of my family. I don't know what I would do without her. Not only is she my first puppy, she is also my best friend and always will be. Anything she ever does can just bring a smile to anyone's face. She is adorable and I am very happy that she is part of our family.



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