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Online Dating

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Case Study 4

        Online dating has become one of the most proficient ways of finding your significant other over the past decade. In fact, online dating has almost tripled in the past 4 years. There are dating websites for people of all ages. Plenty of Fish, for example is used by people of all age groups but mainly by the older generation. Whereas tinder is used more mainly by my generation, ranging from 18-21. But some people would consider the world of online dating a dangerous place. So, in this paper I am going to go over what I consider the pros and cons of online dating.

        First, I want to go over some of the cons of online dating. It is easy to make yourself look better or even different online, so not knowing who you are really talking to is probably the biggest deficit. That problem can also entail meeting up with someone who made a false account which in result could be very dangerous. Another problem with online dating is it can make you more judgmental than if you met someone in person. Because from the moment you view that profile you are considering whether you like that person based on their looks instead of their personality. Meeting someone in person and engaging in conversation is a better way on figuring out if they are right for you.

        Now online dating might seem like it has a lot cons, but it also has a lot of pros as well. Online dating can be a way for someone who is to shy to make that first move in person. It gives you the confidence to get back out there and find your other half. It also gives you that time to figure out if you would even want to waste your time meeting up with that person. But one of the biggest pros , especially for my generation , is the easy hookup. Websites like Tinder or Grinder make finding that “one-night stand” a lot easier. Tinder has gotten really popular with younger kids because of the accessibility it gives you with the app and “Instagram-like” feel.

        There are so many different types of online dating websites in the world, all fitted to a specific kind of relationship you are looking for. Whether you are looking for just a one-time thing kind of night or a long-term relationship, they have them all. If you are willing to risk the dangers of online dating or are just to shy to start a conversation with someone you never met, then online dating is for you. When I was growing up it was strange or weird if someone asked you, “Where did you guys meet?” and your answer was “Online.” But things have changed and finding a relationship online has become something everyone is doing. I personally believe that online dating can ruin that special moment of meeting your loved one for the first time. But it has showed that healthy and strong relationships can be acquired be meeting someone online.




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