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Organizational Behavior

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In the innovation by leaps and bounds of education, there is an amount of different matters needed to consider carefully that can create a sustainable education for the country at the present as well as in the future.  Especially, motivation has been becoming a significant topic noticed by schools and universities. In fact, motivation, which depends on both intrinsic and extrinsic impacts, is claimed as a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education because when students are motivated, they will feel more confident and raise their ideas in order to contribute to class's lessons. This means students can improve their skills through class engagements and helps them can gain successes in the future work as well as in life. Actually, teachers in general and ISB teachers in particular, can aware the importance of motivation and contribution in lessons. They, therefore, try to find the best ways such as games, bonus grades, outdoor activities and real situations in life so as to motivate students in class's lessons and encourage learners to raise their ideas. After that, teachers can give them feedback to help them complete their skills. However, that’s much easier said than done because, in the real phenomenon of the education in Viet Nam, almost students just listen and write things that teachers direct them, and ISB students also do not an exception. With the specific prove, from results collected in the survey of ISB ( International Business School) students, the data shows that students do not usually discuss and interact with teachers in class. This means they have a low consciousness in self-study and learning, students do not try to cooperate with the supports' motivation from teachers, and they are so passive in class discussions. It is clear to see from the survey that inner factors are main reasons for the low rate in raising ideas of students and external factors including environment and teachers. Actually, each individual requires different ways in motivation and it takes a long time and a lot of efforts to get enthusiasm of students in learning. Therefore, the main purpose of this report is finding the best solution for this problem, and researching the most effective motivation way to create the best coordination between

teachers and students.


 In conclusion, the report raises the issue of the impetus for student engagement in the classroom and it is based on the theories and definitions of motivation as well as the contribution of students to the class lessons to study the relationship between them. Support for data collection is a set of questionnaires that consist of four demographic questions and sixteen main questions from various sources of the internet. Simultaneously select the participants carefully to ensure that the data collected will be objective. From the data collected, the article has shown that the learning environment in the classroom, the attitude as well as the support and motivation from the instructors are very good. However, the results of data analysis have raised the problem for students that they are not actively contributing to the lecture. It can be said that the motivation in the classroom is there, but it does not affect the student's attitude and contribution to the class. With the above findings, the article also offers some solutions to improve the student's contribution to the lesson. From the student's current raising ideas index, we can gradually improve this index by: Encouraging students to prepare their homework and give their own lectures in class, giving students the opportunity to participate in professional projects or offering students realistic job internships. However, over all, students must self-aware of their responsibility for learning, aware of the benefits of participating in lectures. Therefore, they need to improve their sense of learning and improve their skills when they are supported and motivated by the professors. Sudents, furthemore, should aware their responsibilities in learning  and need to raise their ideas more and more in class to become better. Finally, the most important thing is that students have to know that they have to motivitate themself with the rasing consciousness.



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