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Organizational Behavior

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A senior process control and process safety engineer managing large scale capital projects ranging $70M to $100M for upstream business line. He specializes in project management, engineering design, commissioning & startup, operations management, and business development tools. He is currently responsible for implementing process safety management solutions within gas operations area, managing a team of 10 across HAZOP analysis, Safety Assessment, and troubleshooting.

He is technically sophisticated and business savvy professional with 14+ years of dynamic international experience in project design, process control & safety within oil & gas industry working in Canada, United State of America, Indonesia, Netherlands, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. In leadership role, he has executed a number of successful projects with huge impact on operational excellence by empowering his team members and collaborating with seniors to achieve desire goals for the organization. With proven track record in successful startups, He is well positioned to lead organizations in the oil & gas and energy sector through technical expertise and global experience. He has received recognition multiple times within his current organization.

With innovative approach and sound technical experience, He has provided operations support with optimization strategies to not only maximize production capacity but also reducing operating cost.  In addition, he has developed an in-house Process Safety Management (PSM) process which had governed all existing production facilities to be in compliance with IEC-6115 safety standard. Consequently, all existing production facilities are bound to conduct Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment to operate safely and reliably. This whole process has resulted in $10M savings overall. Last but not least, He is mentoring the young engineers by leading from the front and providing enough learning opportunities to groom them to become the leaders of tomorrow.




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