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Parenting Case

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Thesis statement

The purpose of this paper is to discuss my role as a single mother. This topic is very much known but often ignored because of the fact that the majority of the U.S. if not all of the world looks at single mothers as hard working parents form an individual aspect. In addition to this, the other part of society looks at a single mother as being not capable of providing for a stable family relationship. In this essay, I will give a well rounded view of this topic as it relates top me and my family. During this paper also, I will cover things such as the many struggles that come as a result of being a single mother in today's society.

Single mothers and their struggles

It is a given that in today's society, there are many single mothers that handle all of the duties of running a household that normally is done by both a mother and father. Most people really don't know the trials and tribulations that a mother deals with or has to endure while being the sole and only bread winner of the family. This causes many problems because of the financial burden that is put upon us single mothers. Many single mothers resort to leaning on the federal government to help them provide for their family. I chose not to do this because of my moral and ethical beliefs. In some instances I had to lean on my immediate family members to help at times when I was in dire need of assistance (Brenner, E., 2012). During the time when I had my child, the U.S. was not in the recessive state that is in today. With that being said, this severe recession will continue to have a lasting impact on the well being of almost every single mother and their family or families as well. It is a sense, already hard for two parents with two incomes to provide for a family. So this is even harder for that of a single mother to provide by herself just that much more. In addition to this it makes for a single mother to easily get behind on bills that normally would be taken care of if only there were two incomes within the household to support the cause (Walton, L., 2007).

Being Mother & Father

It was a very hard for me initially being a single mother even with the help of my immediate family. When trying to raise my son, I had to be the mother and the father which at times caused to always feel as if I had to serve as both in order to give my child the life that he could possibly have. The usual household normally is taken care of by two incomes (i.e. father and mother), all the while helping the child or children with homework they may have been given by their school. That put a great deal of stress and turmoil on me as a mother. For instance, even when there are two parents involved a kid's life, the mother usually has



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