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Parenting Case

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In the essay "A Teachable Moment," Anna Quindlen describes that parenting is not intuitive, but learned. Quindlen explains how parents can alter their child's future in good or bad ways. Studies done by Laurie Brotman of the NYC Study group found that if parents learned the correct skills of parenting, they could drastically change their child's life in a positive way. However, parents isolating themselves from others make it harder on themselves and their children.

Laurie Brotman led a study of young children who had a connection to the criminal justice system. As seen by this study, children behaved better once their parents joined parent corps and other parenting programs. In my personal experience, I believe that my parents didn't have good parenting techniques, and as a result, my childhood was stressful. As soon as my parents were educated about parenting, I saw a difference in my stress levels. For example, I wasn't as angry as I used to be. I believe all parents should learn parenting techniques; it will be beneficial not only to them, but their children as well.

Many modern parents isolate themselves from others. For example, when kids are playing, their parents don't communicate with other parents about their kids' lives. By communicating with each other, parents can talk about problems, and can find solutions. In my culture, children grow up around their extended families, always seeing their relatives. Being raised this way, parents can discuss their problems with their family, and find resolutions. Thus, children in my culture tend to be more family oriented.

In conclusion, parenting skills can have a drastic effect on a child's life. Parents who isolate themselves from others tend to have children who struggle and exhibit behavioral issues. In contrast, parents who join parenting corps or any parenting programs have children that behave better, thus providing a brighter future.



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