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Parents Case

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I believe parents should be punished if their child behaves badly. Today many Canadian families have adopted contemporary lifestyles, where both parents work to support their families. Unfortunately parents are becoming so caught up with work related matters, that they cease to dicipline and their children, and instead ignore matters completely. Parents are careless, entrust their children and teens with adult responsibilities, and do not set a good example for them, therefor I believe parents should be punished for their child's poor behaviours.

Today, parents are extremely careless when it comes to the behaviours of their child. Parents should be held responsible for every aspect of their child's life, including their bad behaviours. The lack of care from Canadian families has created unnecessary issues for other members of society such as teachers, principals, and surrounding peers. Last year I watched a documentary in my Family Studies class, and found that the number of homeless teens in Canada, mostly in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta have been significantly increasing due to the lack of care and negligence of parents. Essentially, teens are feeling neglected and unwanted in their households, because parents are setting the impression of always being busy to sit down and speak to their child. This has caused many children to go to homeless shelters, or live on the streets to get away from all the pain that has been inflicted on them by their parents. When a child endures this type of emotional scaring, they tend to break out and behave badly, and for this reason I believe that parents should be punished for their child's bad behaviours, in order for them to put for more effort in their child's life.

In addition, I think that parents are entrusting their child/teen, much more easily than acceptable, with adult roles. Gone are the days where parents conduct full investigations on new friends their child/teen has befriended. I think that when it comes to choosing your friends wisely, it is absolutely essential for the parents to examine their child's peers closely, before allowing them to hang out. Also, parents are acting as enablers when they do not question their child about the places they go out to with their friends, and do not put forth the effort to closely examine their child's behaviour at home. For example, growing up there have been many community dances such as the Optimist where children between the ages of 11-17 go to dance until about midnight. In my opinion these dances are realistically conveyed like clubs for young children lacking only alcoholic substances. Parents are often the ones paying for such events, and in some cases offer rides to their teens. Vulgar language and poor dress codes are encouraged at such places, where parents are allowing their children to attend. These types of situations are the basis for children and teens bad



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