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Parents Case

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You guys tell me to do better next time when your checking my report card but do you understand how much I worked for to get a better grade? When your telling me I'm "lazy" but really you see me spending nights studying or working on projects for hours. Or when getting a unsatisfied grade on a test, and telling me you can even do better than me. First off, I would like to see you guys do my project or take a test for me, for once. I want you to understand that the things you learned in high school aren't the same exact things I learn now. Things has changed and it might be more difficult now to learn something because the subjects might be more stressed on a certain topic. You guys just complain that I need to get a better grade or else I'll have some consequence. I would also really like to see you guys go to my school and feel the pressure because competition is just so intense. I mean yeah of course I'll have to improve my grade if I doing horrible without even trying, but i just simply don't understand how all these negative feed-backs can just flow out of your mouths and into my ears without any of my explanations. If you guys stop and try to understand me, I would think you guys would slowly get to understand why I'm struggling or not doing too well on a subject and try to fix that problem. But no, you guys just like to say things to me without even caring about how I would feel. Well, thanks guys because the next time i get my report I would be more stressed than ever.



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