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Parents Should Choose Their Children's Career for or Against

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Essay Preview: Parents Should Choose Their Children's Career for or Against

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parents should choose their children's career for or against



financial reasons,parents are more knowledgeable and have more experience, itis best to take advise from a person who already been through the situation.

we here chilldren all the time talking about what they want to become a doctor, lawyer teacher but things have change over the past year. how does it change you ask?

influence by the media and other articles like pornographic magazines. the media values are low so if children look up to the people who portrayed in them there value will be low as well. parents is there to guide them in choosing their careeer and so if they want to do a job that that parents see that the chilldren is far more capable of take the parents suggestion.

to a degree, aparent insight is invaluable my opponent may say, but parents may see hidden talents or abilities in their child as well as recognize limitations, and can provide excellent career advice.many parents who financially support college students feel a vested interest in the success of their child and believe input into choosing a career is a retun on the investment.

parents should choose thier children career because something children doesn't have a high personality and self esteem. yes parents should choose their children career because of a variety of differnt reasons.although sometimes its best to make their own decision but parents has a more experienced life and know whats best for their children.hgvfh fhgvh gjyf ghjgf uihgyt gy ju h hui u i ui hh hsau shgdja dasu gahsjd gasjh hsaud hgdsj hgusk sadhj hsadfj gdsafj hs cfhdfjk d sjak dsnjf yses parents should choose their their children career. yes yes yes yes yes yes eys eyssyes yesye syew yes ys sy ssy sas yuiu ias dh ikhasuh hh uul h hn iit jit pen light bateerie what more a yp you want me to write hellllllllp me umm. parents choold should choose their children career.a b a abab abab it can lit nit bit sit trio niy hgb mkas mas nat not know ew well done good jod lob jop job excellent job good girl lols lols english language.



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