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People Should Carpool More

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People Should Carpool More

Carpooling is two or more people commuting on the freeway that has a HOV

lane (high occupancy vehicle) or carpool lane. People that choose to

commute with others are given an opportunity to do this. It's usually done by a group of

people. This may be a group of employers, colleagues, or neighbors.

The advantage of joining a carpool or starting one up can be very beneficial.

You would be saving money on gas and taking fewer trips to see the mechanic.

There would also be less traffic. This means people would get to where they're going

on time. The cities or towns you would be traveling in would have less smog. Last,

you would also be doing your part in helping the environment.

Saving money on gas and repairs to your vehicle is paramount. This is one big

advantage to carpooling. There are also other benefits that could be

beneficial, and improve your chances on having a better and a more stress free life.

When not having to drive everyday to work, you could sleep in more, prepare

better for your workday at hand, you're less likely to get a speeding ticket and you

may be able to lower your auto insurance. You may also meet new people while in

the carpool program.

There are several ways carpooling can help the environment. It would reduce

the damage to the environment and cut back on smog and pollution. Sightline

Institute reports, that the average car with a single driver emits 1.10 lbs of carbon

dioxide per mile. When you carpool, an average car with three passengers decreases

that number by 1/3 to only 0.37 lbs of carbon dioxide per mile.

You can also be saving energy if you carpooled one day a week. That would

reduces your energy out put by 10%.

There are numerous ways to join or start up a carpooling program. If your




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