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Personal Application of Criminology Paper

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When a person is in a difficult situation, they may have a million things going through their heads, one of which is calling the police. With this situation one can handle it in a few ways, first call the police, then proceed with calling the boy's parents, and tell them about their son's misconduct. If one can find out why this situation came about, meaning why their son's friend came into their house by using a break-in tool such as a lock pick, it would be very helpful. It is important that the parents know that their child has been involved in a crime, but it should be done in an appropriate way. For example, someone should phone the parents to notify them instead of them finding out through the news broadcast or something of the sort. It is also important to call because they may have never known that their child was involved in criminal activity, and they may be able to talk some sense into him and possibly and prevent him from going to jail.

However, If not and the boy has to stand in front of a judge for what he did and if convicted, he will have a criminal record for life for stealing. This will most likely make it pretty hard for him to get a job in the future. This of course may change depending on if he gets out and the he can get it off his record. The step would be for that boy to be counseled so he will know that what he did was unacceptable and should not be done. Also every time the boy does an act of wrong there will be some type of punishment handled down to fit what was done. If that is done correctly, going about it that way, the boy should be able to look at both sides and see that's not the life that he wants to involved with in and out of jail. He will also see that there's not much light in the tunnel of crime and that eventually every criminal gets caught whether it's right then, a year, or even ten years down the line.

Today, the criminal justice system has more than they did in the past to catch offenders, or find out if the certain individual committed a particular crime. They have databases such as AFIS, DNA, CODIS, and NCIC. DNA testing is a procedure is carried out by forensic scientists that help law enforcement personnel in the identification of offenders that have broken the law by matching their DNA profiles. Then for crimes like the son's friend committed they have a database called AFIS automated fingerprinting is an effective storage, search, and, retrieval system used for the finger and palm print electronic images and demographic data. AFIS is a high speed and high capacity image processing system that improves the ability of latent fingerprint examiners to search and find crime scene evidence against increasing loads of fingerprinting records they may come about everyday. Counseling with the boy should help stop him from in the future proceeding with the same or any negative activity in the future. However, not all boys that commit a crime or attempt to will see a counsel talk as a benefit to them. In fact, some may continue until something much worst happens. That's why children in general have to understand a crime is a crime, and if they don't understand that, then things such as boot camp or possibly juvenile facility come into play.

However, when the son comes home, he needs to know every aspect that occurred and what his friend had done. The boy could have been jealous of the son's belongings and wanted to take them from himself. Him having the Mother's jewelry with him, he had to see the mother wearing a lot of jewelry and became curious to what he would be able to gain. If he was able to get



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