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Modest Proposal

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In today's society, students face multiple problems in school. One of the harsh things they face is bullying. Even when students go home they still can't get away from these bullies because of the internet and sites like Facebook and Twitter where students are cyber-bullied. Thankfully, I created a plan that if implemented, would stop bullying.

There are many reasons why this is an issue in schools throughout the United States of America. One example is that kids who are bullied are having emotional and physical damage inflicted on them. These kids get very sad and some even become depressed. Kids are hurting themselves in many ways like cutting themselves or doing drugs because of the bullying. Sadly, some even commit suicide. Clearly, this needs to be stopped. Immediately.

The plan that I have devised is good for many reasons. The main and obvious reason is that the plan will stop bullying forever. Children who are bullied will be free from harm. This will lead kids to happiness and it will also cut down on the number of suicide rates in America.

Here's the plan, Are you ready? Well, it's pretty simple if you think about it. If a person is claimed to be a bully, someone will notify the authorities and the following things will happen. First, he/she will be sent to a laboratory where they will hook up sensors all over the "bully's" body. What these sensors will do is pretty extreme. They will shock the bully's brain if they have any thought about bullying another person. If they do in fact bully someone, the sensor will be triggered and the bully will lose one of their limbs. Without a doubt, this will work because no person in the world would risk a limb to bully another person.

As you can see, if this plan was implemented, there would be no more bullying. It would bring harmony to kid everywhere and everyone would be happy. One can only imagine what the world would be like if my plan was put into work.



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