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Personal Statement: Nicha Wareewarach

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Essay Preview: Personal Statement: Nicha Wareewarach

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Personal Statement: Nicha Wareewarach

I am the middle child among three siblings. I lived in Thailand my whole life. First, I lived in Bangkok then I moved to Saraburi. I am currently studying in Adventist International Mission School in Muaklek. Though in Thailand, people are known to be Buddhists, I was born and raised in a Seventh Day Adventist family. I never really had a chance to get to know about any other religions, but I am proud to be a Christian.

I would consider myself an average student. My GPAs are not that high, but not low either. My GPAs usually range from 3.15 to 3.70. The subject that I am struggling in most, as of now, is Biology. To me, I think science is a very fun and broad subject, but the reason why biology is hard for me is probably because there are lots to learn and memorize. I find subjects like Bible, English, Math, and History very easy. The one subject that interests me most, at the moment, is Statistics. I like how it challenges me and makes me try my best to get it and once I get it, it feels like a huge accomplishment. I have been involved in many extra-curricular activities such as Pathfinder Clubs at Adventist International Mission School and Asia-Pacific International University. I am also part of my school’s Student Council team, working as the council’s Treasurer. I have also had the opportunity to join a leadership camp.   I learned the importance of leadership and that we must be leaders in the future to progress in life.

After I graduate high school, I would like to attend college. I have decided to study Psychology because I like how the human brain works. I would also like to help others through my future studies. Attending college will help me gain more knowledge and training that will be useful for my future career. I would like to attend Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. There is an international Psychology course there. If I am not able to go there, I will either study at Asia Pacific International University or go abroad.

Once I complete my bachelor’s degree, I would like to continue further studies, obtaining my Master’s degree and Doctorate degree. I would like to work as a clinical psychologist either in Thailand or in the United States.

As I look into my future, I find that there are so many choices to choose from. My main goal right now is to have a job that will enable me to, not only help the people around me, but also benefit my community. I want to leave a mark in this world in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be something to worldwide; I just don’t want to leave this world without having something to show for it. I expect that whatever my future experiences will help me grow emotionally so that, finally, I will be able to clear my mind and follow the path that God had set for me.



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