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Personal Statement

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Everything is related to business. Buying, selling, shopping, promoting, marketing are all related with business and we are, individually, involved with in it some way. Business is almost everything we see. That is why I want to build my career with it. I always find business management interesting because it's affects so many people lives.

I am a person who has ambition and forward thinking, which are important effective {*}for business management. I am able to work individually or as a group but I prefer to work as group because of my strong team work skills. I trust to my people skills, critical thinking and making critical decision and analytical judgement skills. I think I have skills which will help me to graduate business management pathway easily.

This interest for business started when I started to work in my father's company during the summer vacations. I have realized it is about organizing events, visit and host clients from other countries, responsibilities, motivating your employees, high quality customer service, briefing and guiding the costumers about product. Since I learnt these I am more interested about business management.

As a social minded and people skilled person, I worked at World Rowing Coastal Championship 2010 Istanbul to develop my skills. I worked as a volunteer translator and staff to practice my English and German languages. Talking and helping competitors coming from all around the world. This position required me to work close with the staff and improved my people skills. Also playing football for 7 years and being the captain of a team for 2 years made me good tactician, ambitious, disciplined, a team player and helped me to improve my people skills.

I believe that I learnt important things so far from my experiences and I really would like to improve it more. Ability to understand a running business, necessary things to solve barriers about growth and profitability, being able to good with numbers, business trends and products and able to work under pressure.

I am a social person who enjoys spending time with people and family and who has a lot of interests. Movies are a passion of mine and I go to movies every time I can. Also I love listen to music and go to concerts if it is possible. Although, football is a passion of mine. Playing, watching, videogames, kits... I love everything about football

I am looking for opportunity to improve my personal development and career with help of a reputable university on a business management pathway. I want to learn more about the known business techniques, relation between business performance and management, companies and organisations that able to solve people problems. I hope very much that you will look upon my application.



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