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Personnel in Technology

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Personnel in Technology

Personnel in technology are the key to successful operations within the learning environment in organizations. Technology personnel plan, setup, test, troubleshoot, and perform maintenance on technological equipment and are critical for nonstop use in organizations. Building an effective team in technology is vital to almost any business today. Technical support and help desk personnel are critical to the daily operations of an organization because presently live in a technology driven-world. The following information provides an understanding of how to build an effective technology team in addition to an explanation of personality issues in the workplace. Thus, give details on how it can affect relationships within and without the technical staff.

An organization's reputation and success depends on a solid team of technology support individuals for many reasons. Technology personnel have an enormous responsibility to the organization, which includes the customer's first and last impression to the customer. Consumers immediately form an opinion about brands and products sold by the organization and determine how important they are as a customer. The technology support team is the first to receive a call from the customer when equipment does not operate effectively. To build an effective technology team, one of the primary concepts to do is acquire stakeholder buy in with executive or high -level management within the organization.


One of the most important elements to building an effective support technology team is to consider the personalities of the members of the team. The manager or team leader has the responsibility of reading people and determining the impact that he or she may have on the team. They must decide how well the member handles peer criticism and if he or she works well in a team environment. They must also determine if the individual is self-seeking or if their goals and work ethics are in line with the entire team. These comments are critical and ones that a technology manager should consider when trying to build team that will work together for extended periods. Thus, training becomes an issue if a significantly high turnover rate occurs (Articlesbase, 2010).


Selecting a candidate with excellent skills in communication is one of the most important means when searching for an individual to fill the position on a technology support team. Because the technology support team is most often the only representation of the organization, the hiring manager should hire applicants who understands and listens to the issue or customer complaint. Furthermore, members of the technology support team should be knowledgeable of his or her roles and responsibilities and be capable of resolving issues rapidly. To diffuse situations from customer call complaints



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