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Poetry Essay

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So I had to write a poem for my language arts class and it's the only essay type thing I could find to join this site hah. :)

It's called My Death From A Vampire and it scared my teacher (although I don't know how, it really isn't bad at all) And I also need to fill up like 250 words so I'm going to ramble a bit. We were giving freedom to write about anything and I just happened to be watching some free movie on demand about vampires. Although it was an awful movie (and I have no idea what it was called) it kind of motivated me to write some type of horror poem. So Yeah. Hopefully if anyone is taking a poetry class or something they can get motivation from me? haha

I'm out alone.

It's cold and dark.

I look in the trees.

and he comes out.

his fangs are covered with red blood.

He smiles at me, I frown.

For now I know this is my death, to say goodbye then take my path.

I bow my head low in defeat and watch hims come closer to my feet.

His black cape flies against the wind, I stare at his pale white skin.

He rushes at me that's when I flee, through the tree's and bushes.

Over dead limbs and twigs I run awway.

Faster and faster I become, he's out of sight!

I'm free!

But what's that figure in frount of me?

Not able to stop I tu into his arms.

His fangs come down without a sound.

Echoing through, you could hear my scream.

But no one came in search of me.

He walked away now healthy and full, leaving me to die in my retching old soul.



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